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How to Write a Blog Post?

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In this article, we will discuss How to Write a Blog Post?

If you are a writer should be alert in writing an SEO Friendly Blog Post, only then your Blog post ranks effortlessly in Google or any search engine. That is why it is very vital for you to understand how to write a blog?.

Always remember writing a blog is an art form, which you cannot understand or execute at once, but slowly you can easily realize and discover blog writing.

One of the Content Writing SEO Tips is that what every new blogger does these always is that they begin writing articles on their blog fastly without having SEO Tools and Keyword Research, but you do not have to repeat this mistake.





  1. What is a Blog Post?  

After making a blog, the content written on it i.e. Article is known as a Blog Post. The person who writes a blog post is known as a Blogger. If you don’t know how to create a blog or start a blog then follow this post.

For example, the article you are reading is only a Blog Post and it is written on Thequalitseo.com blog it is an English blog where you get information related to SEO and Blogging.

To make a blog, you can effortlessly create a blog on Blogger or WordPress. It does not cost cash to construct a blog on Blogger. If you like to make your blog on WordPress, it costs money to begin a blog on WordPress.

If you desire to become a successful Blogger, then you should make your blog on WordPress.


What is a Blog Post?





  2. How to Write a Blog Post?  


a. Choose the Right Topic

Before composing a blog, you should choose which Niche or Topic you want to write about in your blog post. If you have an understanding of that topic, then you too can effortlessly compose on the same topic.

Do not select the topic of your article that you need to look at other articles. If you do not have a sufficient understanding of that particular Niche, then you can begin writing by selecting some other topic for yourself.

You can take the help to select a Topic or niche from Google or any other search engine.


How to Write a Blog Post?


b. Do Keyword Research  

Keyword Research is very significant for composing any blog because without keywords you can rank your blog post on Google anytime.

To do Keyword research, first of all, you need to confirm on which topic you have to compose your article. After this, you can see keywords for the Topic or Niche.

You can utilize free tools for keyword research like Keyword Planner, Google Adwords, Semrush, Ahref, TheQualitySEO, etc.

You can employ any one of them, all tools are most suitable for keyword searches.


Keyword Research


c. Create an Image for Blog Post

Now before composing the topic on which you need to write, create a good image/video.

You can employ the image for the Thumbnail and inside the blog. You can create the blog post more attractive by employing photos in the blog.

After making the image, ensure to optimize it. To optimize the Image in WordPress, we suggest you use ShortPixel Plugin which we employ on this blog.


Create an Image for Blog Post





  3. How to Write a Blog Post on Blogger?  

Here you will see a step-by-step explanation of how to write your post on Blogger in this article, then you must read this article completely. So that you can compose an SEO Friendly Blog Post that will rank for sure.

a. First of all, you need to visit Blogger.com, and after that open the blog made by you.

You will notice the section of New Post on Blogger’s dashboard, you have to touch on it.

b. As soon as you touch on Create New Post, a new page will be available for you to write a blog post.

c. Now you need to compose the Headline of your post in Tittle as mentioned in the image.

Here Headline is H1 which shows the subject of your blog post, in which subject your blog is written.

d. After this, you have to start writing Paragraphs, you have to tell about your article in 2 to 3 paragraphs, which subject it will be written about, what will be advantageous to the customer by reading it, etc.

e.  If your paragraph is done then you write Headline which should be H2/H3.

f. It is a matter to be kept in mind while composing a blog that internal linking must be accomplished in the blog post.

g. After composing a blog, you must add its Category. With which you can employ it to write on various topics.

h. Before posting the blog post, customize the Permalink properly so that there is no problem when the URL is indexed in Google.

i. You must employ the image in the blog post, and after that eventually publish your blog.


How to Write a Blog Post on Blogger?





  4. How to Write a Blog Post on WordPress?  

Here is the step you need to follow to write your first blog post on WordPress as follows:

a. Login to WordPress Dashboard.

b. Click on the Post section then click on Add New section.

c. Write an SEO title on Upper Part.

d. Explain your topic with a proper Heading, you can use H1, H2, and H3 for the heading and H4 and H5 for Sub Heading.

e. Always have a paragraph break to make it clear to the readers.

f.  Now, once the blog post is ready, select categories and then click on Save Draft.

g. Then you can click on Publish your blog post.


What To Write In The Blog?





  5. What To Write In The Blog?  

It totally depends upon you, if you have a better understanding of the topic then you can write more than 1000+ words easily. If you can’t write an article then you need to give time for research, you can take help from Google, youtube, or a research paper.

a. If you are originally connected with blogging for the first time, then you must do a bunch of research before starting a blog post to write.

b. Before blogging, you should select your Niche i.e. the Topic on which you have to compose a blog.

c. Your Blogging Niche can be SEO, Internet, Cooking, News, Notes, Earn Money Online, etc.

d. You can efficiently write on various topics if you have an understanding of them.

e. There is a bunch to write in Blog, just you need to find out which topic you are comfortable to write and you can compose a good blog so that your Blog can be ranked by Google.


What To Write In The Blog?





  6. How Long to Write a Post?  

Blog posts should always be written at least 1000 words so that you can easily use the necessary keywords related to the blog.

Be sure to use the necessary Heading and Subheading in the post

By writing long blog posts, you can easily answer the maximum number of questions in your blog.

This can prove to be a huge factor in Google’s ranking factor.


How Long to Write a Post? 


So whenever you want to write a blog, write your blog step by step with full honesty with facts.

a. While composing a blog, you must do keyword research first.

b. Make attractive Thumbnails for writing blog

c. Choosing the Right Title for the Blog

d. Writing short and attractive paragraphs

e. H1, H2, H3, and H4 should be used properly in Blog Post

f. Do at least 3 internal linking on the related topic in the blog

g. Make Permalink correct and Seo Friendly as soon as you write the blog

h. Adding Category or Label

i. Finally publishing the blog




  What To Do After Writing a Blog?  

After writing a blog, you have to follow the following things.

a. After writing the blog, share Social Media like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

b. Constructing High-Quality Backlinks for Blog Articles.

c. On the other blog post you have written, do Internal Linking to the blog that you write.

d. Index the post manually in Google Search Console.

e. Update Blogspot Post from time to time.

Hope now you know how to write a blog post.





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