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Google Core Update: Everything you need to know including 5 reason of losing rank on Google

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After a long journey of continuously updating Google’s algorithm, it has again updated its algorithm as Google Core Update. It has been trying to improve its search engine landscape through multiple and consistent ranking algorithms. The ranking algorithm has affected many indexed web pages in a search engine.




Why did Google update its ranking algorithm?

The update of the Google ranking algorithm generally occurs once every two or three months. Google continuously focuses on improving itself and delivering quality service and content to the user.

Google’s sole purpose in updating its algorithm is to boycott illegal websites, qualityless content, and copyrighted and AI-generated content from the search engine’s ranking and elevate those contents or blogs written based on purity, verified, and qualitative content.



What is Google Core update, and how does it impact SEO?

This particular type of update occurs when Google changes how it ranks websites in its search results. It is known as a Google core update.

It was evident that every update impacts SEO, but the difference is that some updates impact positively, and some may negatively. In this way, the core update also drastically affected search engine optimization.

The main motto and goal of Google SEO is to adjust and fix your website and its presence in a ranking primarily favored by the Google ranking algorithm. The ranking algorithm has also transformed since Google rolled out its core update.

Since the core update happened, the hard work and effort you have put into making your website appear higher in Google searches might not be practical anymore.

Also, core updates can transform how Google search results in pages look. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with updates if you want your website visible on Google.



What are the main factors that result from Google core updates?

Core updates resulted in many challenges and difficulties for the content creator, even those websites that obeyed all the terms and conditions of the Google ranking algorithm. Here, some main factors that are brought about or resulted from the core update are illustrated. They are:

Deindexing Website:

Since the core update, multiple websites, blog sites, business sites, and many more have been deindexed by Google ranking. The core update also removed various websites entirely from Google’s search results.


Swift penalties:

One of the most significant results of the core update is that numerous websites faced complicated penalties by catching and capturing many website owners off guard.


No immunity:

Even some of the old websites that had not been affected by past updates had been penalized at this time.



What are the reasons for the website losing rank on Google?

Everything happens for a reason. Likewise, Google is testing to improve itself by changing, modifying, updating, and so on on a ranking algorithm. Google brings its update each and every 2-3 months for various reasons. The main reason for the website losing rank on Google might be:


Outdated and error-filled content:

Outdated and error-filled content is one of the most significant reasons for losing rank on Google. In today’s race, people try to impose and publish content on Google despite researching the content, doing the best verification, and focusing on generating qualitative content. Some of the website’s content scatter viruses, hacking, and malware.


AI-generated content:

AI has made our lives easier, flexible, and comfortable in this modern era. We are becoming lazy day by day. Likewise, we searched for flexibility in writing content and blog articles and gave the responsibility to write blog articles to Chat GPT, Gemini, etc. However, Google’s bard and AI are experts in verifying AI content. We know that the AI we used robe the content from various blog articles to give us results, i.e., indirectly copyrighted content.


Compromising on quality:

Most people engaged in content writing focus on achieving the maximum results. People tend to publish more website content by ignoring and compromising verification, research, and quality.


Not focusing on the E-A-T principle:

Bloggers and content writers do not focus on expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. They don’t check and test whether a site is fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. Website owners don’t concentrate on improving user experience on their sites.


Adaptation disability:

Adaptation is vital for achieving success anywhere. We will get back if we forget to run with trends and new transformations that occur in our surroundings. The main reason for losing rank on Google is the lack of adaptation to each and every update on Google’s ranking algorithm. On every update, we should learn to accept the new/new algorithm and try to implement the same pattern on our existing content and blog articles.



How can the website be recovered from the Google Core update?

Learn about the update: Research and understand each Google update algorithm to better heal and recover your site. Clarity helps you adapt the best principles for recovery.

Check your website: After learning about the update, you should check your website to see if it satisfies Google’s algorithm. If not, you should start working on it.

Fix your website: By focusing on quality, you must start fixing your website by removing outdated, unqualified, and outdated content.

Wait for healing: After performing all the aspects mentioned above, you should stay and wait for recovery. Healing may take less or more time. But you must remain quiet and calm by doing hard work and intelligent work on your site.



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