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How to Promote Your Blog Post?

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In this article, we will discuss How to Promote Your Blog post?

After making a blog, the content written on it i.e. Article is known as a Blog Post. The person who writes a blog post is known as a Blogger. If you don’t know how to create a blog or start a blog then follow this post.


  A. How to Promote Your Blog Post?  

After making a blog, it is very crucial to promote it. Promotion improves the popularity of the blog and good traffic also arrives in the blog.

Blog promotion is very significant to be a successful blogger.

By the way, there are both paid and free methods to boost the website, and those methods are so expensive that it is challenging for an inexperienced blogger to pay his charges.

Now we are heading to tell you How to Promote Your Blog post website, if you employ all these methods well, then definitely your website will get very good traffic, and the favor of your website will also rise.


1. Promote the Blog by Guest Blogging

When we get our article published on any other blog related to our Topic, then it is known as Guest Blogging.

From Guest Blogging, we also obtain a High-Quality & Do-Follow Backlink. Guest Blogging is the most suitable method to promote Blog. Due to this, some traffic from other blogs also arrives at our blog. And at the exact time, we also obtain to understand other bloggers who are specialists in the field of blogging.

To do Guest Blogging, you have to discover blogs related to your Blog Niche which have good traffic and authority is also good. Only then you will get the advantage of Guest Blogging.

You can also employ tools like SEMrush, and Ahrefs to discover Authority Blogs related to your Niche. These tools are forever useful for a blogger.


Promote the Blog by Guest Blogging


2. Promote the Blog by Answering on Quora

Quora is a famous Question-Answer-Website where millions of users answer questions every day in daily life.

To get traffic from Quora to Blog, you need to create an account on Quora. You can make an account on Quora with your Gmail ID.

After making an account on Quora, you can answer questions related to your niche and provide your blog’s link to the answer. With this, users reading the answer provided by you will get to your blog.

Save in mind that do not convey your link more in Quora, otherwise, Quora will ban your profile supposing it is spam.

To increase Followers in Quora, make your profile professional, only then people will trust you, and this will raise your blog and your popularity.


romote the Blog by Answering on Quora


3. By Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Most of the traffic in any blog or website comes from Search engines only, to bring traffic from Search engines there must be a good knowledge of SEO.

You have to do On-Page SEO of each of your posts appropriately, after that Off Page SEO has to be accomplished and the speed of the website has to be maintained well only then you will receive Organic Traffic from Search Engine.

When you begin obtaining good traffic from Search engines, then the popularity of your blog will be very high.


By Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


4. Increase Traffic by Promoting the Blog Post on Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social media platform, which owns millions of people together in one platform. You can carry good traffic to your website from Facebook. There are two methods to carry traffic from Facebook.

The first is that you make a page with the name of your blog and invite your friends to Like and share that page, you can also share the link to your Facebook page on other social apps. Due to this, your followers will grow slowly.

Then you keep posting your article on your FB page, this will boost your blog as well as Instant Traffic will begin arriving on your website.

An alternative method to promote Blog on FB is to Join Groups associated with your Niche and post your content in those Groups like sharing cricket content in Cricket groups.


Promoting on Facebook


5. Promote the Blog on Pinterest for Free

Pinterest is also a social site, where people mostly pin images, infographics, and GIFs. You can also obtain good traffic from Pinterest by pinning the image of your website to Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the finest methods to boost a Blog, numerous of Pinterest’s content also rank in Search Engine.


Promote the Blog on Pinterest for free


6. Promoting Blog Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to advertise a website or blog. Make your engaging profile on LinkedIn and follow people associated with your Content and read the information shared with them.

Join related groups from your content and keep conveying your content. By making an engaging LinkedIn Profile, your followers will also improve.


Promoting Blog on LinkedIn


7. Promote the Website by Writing a Blog Post on Medium

You can even promote your blog on Medium. By promoting your website on Medium, you will gain a lot of traffic or your website.

To boost your Blog on Medium, you will have to make a profile on Medium, then regularly keep publishing your content on Medium and you can give a link to your website in between.

Medium is a very big site in which there is a traffic of millions, if you post good content here then traffic will be increased on your website.


Promote the Website by Writing a Blog on Medium


8. Promote the Blog Post by Sharing it on Twitter

Twitter is again a very big social media site. Where you can promote your blog by making an account on Twitter. But for Blog Promotion on Twitter, you should own more number of Follower.

On Twitter, you can provide a link to your blog by commenting on another profile associated with your content. This will also obtain traffic to your blog.


Promote the Blog by Sharing Twitter


9. Promote the Blog Post with E-mail Marketing

You can even promote your website through E-Mail Marketing. Many big bloggers employ E-Mail Marketing to boost their website content.

Through E-Mail Marketing, you can send mail to multiple people simultaneously and boost your website.

To accomplish E-Mail Marketing, you must foremost gather E-Mail from such people who are curious about your Niche.

Email marketing has become very significant in this world of digital marketing.


Promote the Website with E-mail Marketing


10. Make the Blog Famous by Creating a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a very popular platform in today’s time and is the second-largest search engine in the entire world. If you own a website, then you should also make a YouTube Channel for your Blog Niche. And keep performing on YouTube regularly.

You provide a link to your blog in the description of the YouTube video so that your video watchers can get to your website as well and traffic will also be good on your website.


Make the Blog Famous by Creating a YouTube Channel

11. Publish Posts Regularly

You will need to keep posting posts regularly on your website only then Google will trust you. When you regularly publish posts, some of your articles will undoubtedly rank on Google or any other search engine, which will get traffic to your website and the authority of your blog will also improve. Write regular blog posts that can easily rank on Google or any other search engine.


Publish Posts Regularly


12. Use the Social Share Button

Ensure to employ a Social Share Button on your website. By employing Social Share Button, people will share your content. When a user shares our content on a social site, we obtain a high-quality Do Follow Backlink.


Use the Social Share Button


13. Use Push Notification

You must have often noticed that whenever you open a website, a pop-up window opens, which has the choice of Allow and Disallow. This is known as a Push Notification.

By employing a Push Notification, you can transform your blog’s traffic into Permanent readers. Whoever reaches your website once and permits Notification, then the update of every new post arriving to you will get him.


Use Push Notification


14. Submitting to Google News

If you offer your website to Google News and obtain its approval, then you will gain instant organic and social media traffic.

Google News is an excellent way to boost your blog. After obtaining approval on Google News, your blog will begin occurring in Discover and News Feed. From here people will begin sharing your blog post on other social media because of that you will get more traffic to your website.


Submitting to Google News


15. By answering in Google Question Hub

This way to promote Blog is very amazing, Google Question Hub can be used to bring traffic by giving a visitor’s question a proper answer.

In this, you can answer countless questions asked by visitors.

For this, you have to compose an article for the question asked in Questionhub.

After this, you can submit your blog post URL with that question.

Due to this, you will witness a growth in organic traffic.


By answering in Google Question Hub


This was for the How to Promote Your Blog Post?





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