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How to Choose a Niche?: Dropshipping, Insurance, Affiliate Marketing, Business & More

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In this article, we will discuss How to Choose a Niche?


  1. Why Should Niche Blogging be Done?  

If you want to make your career in blogging, then you should do Niche blogging only. Why should do Niche Blogging? You can understand by researching some of the points provided below.

a. By doing Niche Blogging, you will become an expert in that particular Niche Blog in the eyes of the visitors.

b. Visitors will give more time on your blog website. Because of this your blog will rank in Google. And your income will be good.

c. If you write well on that Niche, then Visitors will do Mouth Publicity of your blog.

d. Being an expert in the same Niche, you can do Affiliate Marketing of related products from that Niche Blog.

e. You can also easily write Sponsor Posts for companies related to your Niche.

f. You can sell online by creating an eBook related to your Niche.

g. In which you can share some Advance Label Tips and your Experience.

h. Blogging in the same Niche can make you a successful blogger.

i. Whatever Niche you are writing on, you can make a video of it and share it on YouTube Channel. And can earn money.





  2. Which Blog Niche will get more CPC?  

Friends, in which Niche you are writing on whatever Blog Niche. CPC (Cost Per Click) is available in it. But we’re talking. Which Blog Niche gets CPC (Cost Per Click) High.

The CPC of each advertiser is different. Here is the list of the High CPC Blog Niche. You can earn a good amount of money by blogging.





  3. Most Highly Profitable CPC Blog Niche  

The most highly profitable CPC blog niche is as follows:

a. Insurance

b. Loan

c. Attorney

d. Gas/Electricity

e. Lawyer

f. Credit

g. Conference Call

h. Mortgage

i. Donate

j. Degree

k. Sport

l. Dropshipping

m. Business

Friends, all the Niches given above are of High CPC. If your knowledge is good on these given topics then you can make a good income by creating a blog.

Let me also tell you that there is a Niche with as many Profitable and High CPC. There is a lot of competition among them. And the more difficult it is to rank you in Google.

That’s why I believe that if you choose a Niche Blog on the basis of High CPC, it is not right.





  4. How to Choose a Niche (Topic) for Blogging?  

To begin blogging, the most essential event is that you have to choose a Niche (Topic) in which you should choose one topic, blogging on one topic gives you many benefits.

As your post ranks quickly in Google when a reader comes to your blog, he gets a lot of information about a topic and stays on your blog for a long time, besides this, there are many benefits.

Whatever has more benefits, it also has disadvantages, if you have started blogging on the topic of Festivals, then whenever the season of the festival comes, more users will come to your blog, when there is no season of the festival, they will not come.

In this way, your time will be wasted, working on any one Niche brings many problems, but if you create a blog on many topics, then it takes some time to get racked and get traffic.

But after that you do not have any problem, all the big bloggers you have seen, their blogs are on many topics, whether you see a News blog, Tech blog, by the way, this is what blog experts say.

Choose any topic you love most, while there are so many topics if I share my opinion, then start your blogging with the topic on which you have more knowledge and a base, then go ahead and include that topic as well.


All topics are good for blogging you can start with any topic. But whenever we start a new blog, it becomes very difficult to choose Blog Niche.

The biggest reason for this is that we see many such blogs and videos where we are told to always choose the Low Competition Keyword which has a High CPC.

Before starting any new blog, know in which subject you can write better. And you can write a minimum of 50-60 topics on that particular topic.

It’s completely up to you to select any Blog Niche. Below I am telling some ideas, following which can answer How to Choose a Niche?.


1. Knowledge

The Niche you are selecting to start a blog. There should be complete knowledge about it. If you have good knowledge of that topic, then you will be able to explain it well to the readers. And you will also have the answers to all the questions of the Readers.

You choose the same Niche for Blog on which you can easily write at least 30-35 articles. And from time to time you can share new information with your readers.


2. Interest & Passion

Always choose the same Niche. In which you enjoy and you never feel bored in it. If you do not choose Niche according to your Interest and Passion, then you can never be successful in blogging.

Many times it happens that we choose Niche with High CPC. Because our income will be good from this. But our interest in that subject is negligible. In such a situation, we are not able to give much information about that subject to the readers. And leave blogging without earning money.

Interest & Passion


3. Profitable Niche

Friends, you should choose such Niche for your Blog. In which you have knowledge as well as you can earn money from it. That’s why this thing should also be taken care of.

I have told you some High CPC Niche upwards. If your knowledge of those subjects is good, then start blogging by choosing any one.

Profitable Niche


4. Analyze The Competition

Before selecting any Niche, we should know that how much Traffic and Competition is there on that Niche. And what are the percentage chances of your success?

Apart from this, who is your competitor in this Niche? Once you get all the information about your competitor, then it will be easier for you to write content. And you can give Valuable Content to your Readers.

Analyze The Competition


5. Traffic on Niche (Topic)

Always while selecting a Niche check the traffic that you can expect from that particular Niche. You can check the traffic of any Niche on Google Keywords, ThequalitySeo, Semrush, Ahref, or any other similar websites that will provide you traffic that you can receive from that particular Niche.

Traffic on Niche (Topic)


This was for the How to Choose a Niche?





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