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How To Write an Article? : Objective, Format & Way to Write a Article

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How To Write an Article? is a question that always rise if you are starting a new blog. In this article, you will know the way to start writing a blog like professional content writer.


  1. Types of Article Writing  

There are mainly two types of article writing that you can see:


a. First type

In which each word has its own importance.


b. Second type

In any article, the information about that subject has been explained in simple and easy language.






  2. Objectives of Article Writing  

Always while writing an Article you need to understand the objective of the article:

a. It should bring the subject or matter of interest to the foreground.

b. The article should discuss all the necessary information.

c. It should make recommendations or offer suggestions to the readers.

d. It should be able to impress the readers and make them think.

e. Articles should cover a wide range of topics, including people, places, emerging challenges, and technological advances.


Objectives of Article Writing





  3. Article Writing Format  

Whatever you want to write, it is important for you to first know the structure of the article and then mention the details accordingly.

Mainly divided into 3 sections-

a. Title

b. Byline

c. Body

Let us have a look at the article writing format that you should keep in mind while writing your information.


Article Writing Format


a. Title or Subtitle

The first thing that should be taken care of and the most important component in article writing is the title/title. To attract the attention of the readers, it is essential that the article is given an attractive title of no more than 5 to 6 words.


b. Byline or Author Name

Below the title comes a byline containing the name of the author who wrote the article. This part helps the author earn the real credit they deserve.


c. Body of the Article

The body part contains the main content of an article. Be it story writing or article writing, it is entirely up to the writer to decide the length of the piece and the number of paragraphs that will embed the information.

Generally, an article consists of 3 or 4 paragraphs, with the first paragraph telling the readers what the article will be about and all the necessary information.

The second and third paragraphs will cover the crux of the matter and here all the relevant data, case studies, and statistics are presented.

After this, the fourth paragraph will conclude the article where the solutions to the problems, as presented in the second and third passages (if any) will be discussed.





  4. How To Write an Article?  

Whenever you write an article on any topic, you have to keep many things in mind, which enhances your writing ability manifold, so read the information given below carefully to write an article, which will help you a lot in writing an article.


Right Way to Write Articles


a. Learn to Write by Thinking

This is the most important part of Article writing in Hindi and the first part is that if you write any article on any topic, do not write keeping only one idea in mind, but write for the whole society and all the people who are interested in your article.

Can get benefit And Imagination is the only thing that you can create all kinds of scenes, only through Imagination, you can create a great structure of the article within yourself, which excites your readers to read your entire article.


b. Relax Before Writing Articles

Often you must have seen and read in movies that if someone writes, they look for an environment where there is peace and there they can take their writing skills to a better writing style.

This is so that he is not disturbed in any way so that he can remain completely focused on his imagination because our mind is very fickle and if someone disturbs us then we come out of that imagination and again.

It can take a long time to concentrate on it, so there is always a need for a calm environment before writing a good and excellent article.


c. Don’t Use the Same Word Over and Over Again

While writing content, you should continuously save in mind that you should not utilize any word more than once in your content.

Now the main reason for this means that by doing this, your readers get bored while reading the article, after which a large number of views do not come in that article.

That’s why instead of using similar words, use words with similar meanings so that the readers do not feel that they are reading the keyline again and again.


d. Start Writing From Zero

While writing an article, you do not know in which corner of the world your article is being read by which person.

Therefore, whenever you tell about any topic in your article, write keeping this in mind, so that after reading that topic, no reader should have incomplete information in mind.

That’s why you should write your article from zero so that people of every category can understand very easily because when people do not understand the facts written by you, then they leave your article.


e. Write With Your Experience

If you are writing on a topic in which you have personal experience, then you should write your article on the same basis.

Because we all have similar problems and readers are most excited to read the article when they feel that their problem is similar and then they read the article till the end to get their solution.


f. Right Way to Write Articles

Article writing in Hindi should be in simple and simple language. So that once you start reading it, keep reading it till the end. The article should be beneficial for the reader so that he gets answers to all his questions inside it. That’s why before writing an article, we should know about its format.

How to start writing articles? Where and about what should be told? How should the article be completed? What things should be mentioned in it? Keeping many such things in mind, you can write the article brilliantly.





  5. Part of Article  

Article writing is divided into three parts:

a. Opening Section

b. Action Section

c. Conclusion Section


a. Opening Section

Article writing should start with simple and easy language. Things that go somewhere inside the article should be mentioned. Instead of presenting things directly, it should be inaugurated with interesting words.

Use words that compel you to read the article by using words like imagination. You must have seen many times that some such words are used in the news, due to which we get anxious to watch the news.

For example, “Look carefully How to Earn $1000/month from AdSense”, on hearing these words, our entire attention gets focused on the article. Articles make us read the article once.

In the same way, by using some such words in our article too, we can attract the readers towards us. By not telling directly to explain anything, you can make your article attractive by using interesting words.


a. Opening Section b. Action Section c. Conclusion Section


b. Action Section

This is the most important department. In which we mention those things, for which the reader has come to read the article. So, it is called the action part. Inside it is written about the answers to the questions of the readers.


For example:

How Do Search Engines Know Which Page To Rank?

How Many Types of SEO Are There?

How to do On-Page SEO?

How to do Off-Page SEO?

How to do Techanical SEO?


The answer to many such questions should be mentioned in the article.

By answering all these questions, you can attract the reader towards you. Article writing should always be in simple and simple sentences and language. The article can also be explained with different examples.


c. Conclusion Section

As much as the opening section of article writing is necessary, equally important is the closing section of article writing.

In the article writing closing section, you tell about the overview of the entire article.

Some important things can be explained inside it. Do not finish the concluding section immediately, make it attractive by using a few interesting words inside it so that the reader can read the entire article till the end.

Article Writing can thus be divided into three parts. If you write this article well in three parts, then you can attract the reader towards you.

To improve article writing, it is very important to have writing skills in it. With writing skills, you can make your article even better.

This was for the How To Write an Article?.





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