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How to Use Images and Videos in Blog Post?

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In this article, we will discuss How to Use Images and Videos in Blog Posts?



  1. How to Get Copyright Free Images and Videos in Blog Posts?  


a. Have a License from the Person Whose Image You Like to Employ

You could have a license from the copyright owner or creator of the image you are interested in by advancing out instantly to them.


b. Use an Image from a Stock Photo Website

Another simple way to legally utilize images is to license them from websites that deliver royalty-free or stock images, such as iStock, Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock.


c. Take Your Own Photographs or Make Your Own Images

The most useful and straightforward way to confirm you are not violating someone else’s rights is to utilize images you have brought or made yourself.


d. Have an Artist Create the Image

You can also decide to own a photographer or a visual artist to click photographs or make images for you, but you’ll require to make sure that you are obtaining all the rights you need from the original maker.

Unless you’re using the artist, the artist must provide you the required licenses to employ the images in your blog.


e. License an Image from Search Engine Filters

Also, you can see licensed images for your blog by utilizing the filter function in different search engines when you execute an image search.

If you explore for the type of image you like, click on “Tools”, “License” or “Filter,” which is usually discovered on the right side of the main menu, and then click “Usage Rights” or “License” which will provide you the ability to filter images by various types of licenses.


f. Use an Image from the Library of Congress Collection

You can also locate images in the Library of Congress’s digital collection of images, which the Library set out as free for the public to utilize and reuse.

However, for a few of these images, the copyright ownership attributes are unidentified and are therefore marked with rights advisories.

You should double-check the “Rights & Access” section underneath an image of interest to review for any applicable copyright information and limitations so you can decide whether you want to utilize the image for your blog.





  2. Best Websites to Download Images for Your Blog  

Here is the list of best websites to Download Images for your Blog as follows:

1. Unsplash

This is a great website to download images for Unsplash Blog. Here you get all the images in high resolution.

If you subscribe to its newsletter, you will get 10 images in your email every 10 days and all its images come under CC0 license. This means that you can do these images as you want.




2. Flickr

Flickr is a very popular website from where images can be searched and downloaded for free. Millions of good images are easily available on this website according to the content of our blog.

You will get any type of image from this website because thousands of photographers from all over the world upload their captured photos on this website every day.

You will not even need to open an account to download images from Flickr. Flickr’s app is also available for smartphones, so anyone can install it on their mobile from the play store.




3. Stock Snap

This is one of the best ways to get the most beautiful and high-quality images from the StockSnap website.

Without anyone’s permission, you can download millions of images from here and use them on your blog and there is absolutely no problem of having copyrighted images here. Every week more than 100 photos are uploaded to this website.


Stock Snap


4. Pixabay

The Pixabay website is created by a community of photographers where high-quality images have not been uploaded by these photographers. This is my favorite website.

A category has been created here where a collection of different images has been kept in the name of different photographers. You can download and use all these images for free.




5. Pexels

On Pexels, you get high-quality and completely free stock photos, for use with the Pexels license. They have thousands of stock photos and new free photos are uploaded every day.

Pexels is more popular among Web and App Designers. These images are uploaded from a variety of free image sources so that you get only the best images.




6. Designers Pics

The DesignersPics website has been created by an Indian blogger Jeshu John and all the images found on this website have been taken by him.

And this website provides us images for free to use in our blog. Every day more than 4000 visitors come to this website and download high-resolution images.


Designers Pics


7. SplitShire

SplitShare is a very good website to download free images, which has been created by web designer, his name is Daniel Nanescu.

All of its photos are very attractive, and you can use them for both personal or professional purposes.




8. PicJumbo

On the Picjumbo website, you will find many categories of images for free such as fashion, nature, technology, food, animals, and many more. The photos on this website are of very good quality, which you can use for your blog.

Every day many photos are uploaded on this website and there will be no need to register in any way to download the image. There is also an option to share the photos of this website with your friends on the social networking site.




9. Morgue File

Morgue File is a website where a professional photographer or any person can upload their images so that other people can use them for their work. That’s why this website has a collection of more than 300,000 images.

There is a special thing about this website that here you can edit the image before downloading and here you can download all the images for free.


Morgue File



10. Jai Mantri

From Jay Mantri’s website, you will get beautiful and spectacular view images from different places around the world, which you can use in your projects or personal work.

Every week seven new images are added to this website and here you will not get the option to search you can scroll down and choose the image according to your requirement and download it for free.


Jai Mantri





  3. How to Add Images and Videos in Blogger?  

Here are the steps that need to be carried out to add images and videos in Blogger as follows:

1. First of all you will have to go to Blogger’s Dashboard and after that, you will have to click on the post on which you want to upload the video, then click on that post for the post on which you want to upload the video.

2. And now you will have to click on the place of that post on which you want to put the video, then the place where you want to put the video, click on that place, and after clicking on 3 Dot on the right side above.

3. After clicking on 3 dots, you will see some icons and along with them you will also get an icon of the video, then you click on the icon of that video.

4. And now you will get to see an option of Upload From Computer, then you have to click on that Upload From Computer Option.

5. After clicking on Upload From Computer, you will see an option of Choose a Video to Upload, then click on that Choose a Video to Upload Option.

And now you will get to see an option of Files, then you have to click on that Files Option.

6. After clicking on the files, you will have to select the video from your device, which you want to upload and upload it on that post, then for the video you want to select, click on that video.

7. And now the video uploading will start and after the upload is done the video will be added to your post after it is added you will get an update option on the top right side, then you have to click on that update option.

And as soon as you click on Update, then that video will be uploaded and added to your post. So with this star, you can easily upload videos in Blogger.





  3. How to Add Images and Videos in WordPress?  

To upload images and videos on WordPress you need to follow these steps:

i. Open your WordPress Dashboard.

ii. Click on Posts Option then Add New Post.

iii. To upload Images and Videos, click the Add Media option available on Top of the file section.

iv. Then click on Upload Files.

v. Then click on Select Files.

This was the steps to upload Images and Videos on WordPress.





  5. How to Use Images and Videos in Blog Posts?  

Employ the appropriate title and ALT tag for your images. Your images will be capable of acquiring a good rank in the Google search result, as well as improving traffic.

Also, if you employ a ton of images on your blog or website, before uploading them
resize and compress them. It decreases your image size and enhances the loading speed of your website.

Compress your images and try to make them of low size but the quality shouldn’t be too low. There are many tools that can simply help you to compress an image for free. Such as Compressjpg best tool to compress your images for free.


How to Use Images and Videos in Blog Posts?


This was for the How to Use Images and Videos in Blog Post?.





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