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How to Write Case Studies?

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In this article, we will discuss How to Write Case Studies?


  1. What is Case Study?  

A case study is an in-depth analysis and examination of a person, group, or occasion. In a case study, an incident or a person is studied minutely to find out about its behavior. Case studies are accomplished in the specializations of education, business, law, medicine, etc.

A case study is done by keeping only one person, event, or group in the center and it is also appropriate. With its help, you cannot draw the same conclusion for all.

For example, a case study can be done of a business that is continuously incurring losses. In this, by combining all the facts, an attempt is made to figure out why the business is continuously proceeding into a loss.

But, it is not necessary that the reason for which this particular company is facing losses should be the reason for other companies going into losses.

That is why it is said that the conclusions drawn from the study of one case cannot be imposed on any other case. In this way, you must have understood the meaning of the case study.


How to Write Case Studies?





  2. How To Write Case Studies?  

Now it is important to know how to write case studies and what means are used. So to do a case study you should follow these steps:


1. First Understand The Case Well

If you like to analyze any case, then foremost of all you should give aware of its nuances and every segment. Only then you will be capable to move forward and carry the right judgment. The biggest benefit of comprehending the case well is that you do not need to work hard while investigating it.

To better understand the case, you can:

a. Highlight Important Points

b. Underline Important Issues

c. Make Notes of Important and Specifics


First Understand The Case Well


2. Focus On Your Analysis

To do a Case Study, it is important that you pay attention to your analysis so that you can get good results. For this, you select up to 2 to 5 main points/difficulties of the subject and gather details about them closely. Find out about why they exist and their influence on the organization.

You should also examine the factors accountable for those issues and try to comprehend everything correctly, only then you will be capable to accomplish a case study in a proper sense.


Focus On Your Analysis


3. Think of Possible Solutions

The third important step in any case study is to think about possible solutions to the problem. For this, you can need the help of discussions, research, and your own experience. Keep in mind that all solutions are feasible so that they can be implemented.


Think of Possible Solutions


4. Choose the Best Solution

The final step of the case study is to select the best solution from among the existing solutions. You cannot implement all the solutions at once, so it is important to choose the best one.


Choose the Best Solution


5. Describe Your Thinking Clearly

Always add your opinion and conclusion at the end of the case study. What does your understanding and analysis say about that particular case. What could be done to avoid or bypass that case if that comes at another moment or happens to you.



This was for the How to Write Case Studies?




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