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How to Grow Your Blog Audience?

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In this article, we will discuss How to grow your blog Audience?.

Isn’t easy to grow an audience within a few days or a week it needs more than a month to grow your audience. For a new blog, it will need around 3 months minimum to drag the audience to their blog if they are new to this field then 6 months for sure. Usually, Google takes a few months to index an article and rank it on Google.

You need to work hard and publish your quality article as much as you can and wait for it to index and rank on Google. Then only you will start to receive traffic on your websites.





  1. How to Grow Your Blog Audience?  

The answer of How to grow your blog audience? is listed below:


a. Google Question Hub

The first is Google Question Hub. If you use Google Question Hub properly, then you will get so much organic traffic from this tool that you cannot even think about it.

Google Question Hub is a free tool of Google itself, in which those questions are not answered properly on the internet.

And Google allows all Publishers and bloggers to create their account in Google Question Hub for free and publish the answers to those questions in their blog and website and attach the links of that article with those questions.

Just see then how much traffic Google Question Hub sends you, too all right, and a great way to get organic traffic on the new blog.


Google Question Hub


b. Improve Organic Search CTR

This is the method by which you can double and triple your traffic coming from Google even without ranking improvement of your blog. To improve Organic Search CTR update your regularly and share it on different social media handles.


Improve Organic Search CTR


c. Google Web Stories

These days Google Web Stories is becoming very famous and Google itself is showing web stories to the users according to their interest and preference from their Google Discover page, so that the blogger gets a lot of organic traffic direct from Google in his blog.


Google Web Stories


d. Google Discovery

If your blog comes in Google Discover then it is nothing less than a miracle for you. On the Google Discover page, Google shows content to its users according to their interests and preference, which means that your blog content is shown to your relevant audience, which increases the chances of getting traffic to your blog.


Google Discovery


e. Interview with Famous Blogger

If your blog is new and you want to bring traffic to your new blog, then its best trick is to connect with bloggers related to your own community and niche. Every person needs online promotion whether small or big.

You can write a success story, case study, and interview with bloggers and digital marketers related to your niche so that those big bloggers will also help in promoting that post of yours, as well as both them and your audience will be very interested in reading the case study.


Interview with Famous Blogger


f. Email Marketing

Email marketing done professionally is a very good strategy to bring traffic to your blog, promote your blog and do your branding.

Email Marketing does not mean sending mail to anyone from your mail id, but with the help of Proper email marketing software, you have to send automatic series of mails message to your target audience according to their interest and behavior.


Email Marketing


g. Quora

Quora is an American website with Question and Answer, it is a forum where millions of people come and answer questions each other, and the right answer gets upvotes and good comments, and wrong and spamming get Downvote.

While answering in Quora, you can put a link to your blog and blog post, which if people like your answer, then they will definitely visit your blog.

And I would be very happy to tell you that with Quora you can create an audience related to your niche and drive millions of traffic to your blog.

Here you can create your platform and that too you can publish your content and articles I have created a platform of mine in Quora, you can see it as well as it is available in both English and any other language.





h. Youtube

You also know how much the trend of video content has increased in the last few years and if you want to become a successful blogger, then you have to create your identity everywhere.

On Youtube, create a channel related to the niche of your blog and make a video of the post you are publishing in your article and upload it on Youtube and give the link of your blog below it.

Everything in video content does not come in very detail like people will visit your blog to read in detail in blog posts and articles and whether your blog is new or old you will get a lot of traffic from Youtube as well.




i. Guest posting

Guest Posting means publishing an article in someone else’s blog and making a do-follow backlink of your blog in it.

For Guest posts, choose such blogs related to your blogging below, which have DA PA High and their blog gets a lot of traffic.

With this it will happen that you will get Do-follow backlinks in your blog, as well as the audience coming to their blogs will also come to your blog through those links.


Guest posting


j. Facebook

Facebook is a lotus platform where every day millions of people see the published content on Facebook from their respective Facebook accounts, like it, share it as well as upload it themselves.

You will find all kinds of people on Facebook, because more than 75% of the world’s people are present on Facebook today, whether it is an individual person or a company, or a group.

Here you can create a group on Facebook, create a page on Facebook and connect with people connected with you below.

If you optimize the Facebook page and group in the right way, then you can take thousands of daily traffic to your blog from here as well.




k. Long tail keywords

How to bring traffic to a new blog? We will know the importance of Long tail keywords, as we have already told you, if you want to bring traffic to your new blog, then you have to start it from day one.

In 2023, the competition level has also increased in blogging, so just randomly selecting any keyword and writing a post in it will not bring traffic to your blog, you will need to utilize long tail keywords to rank your article fastly.

If you write a post on any long tail keyword, then you can also rank in Google, and from that you will get direct organic traffic.


Long tail keywords


l. Subscription Box or Push Notification

Subscription Boxes and Push Notifications do not help you to bring direct traffic, but whatever visitors come to your blog, if they allow your subscription box or notification, then they can become visitors for your next time.

As soon as whenever you publish any next post, they will get mail of new post in Email as well as there will be a Pop-up on their mobile that they have published their new post and many of them read that post.

In this way, you can create your audience like to understand this process, fill in the subscription box given below and you will get a mail.

Subscription Box or Push Notification



m. Social Media Sharing

The best way to bring traffic to a new blog is to promote on social media, all social media have their own ways of promoting blogs.

Somewhere sharing of links would have been allowed and somewhere not. If you create content in the right way, then you will also get a lot of traffic from social media.

Like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and many more.


Social Media Sharing


n. Forums or Website

Creating a blog means sharing information, ideas, and knowledge with people so that they get value and they get a solution to any of their problems.

The more people you can help with your blog, the more successful you will become as a blogger. Now it comes to knowing how to know what is the problem of the people? What should they know about?

For this, there are many such forums, you can join them and see what these people are talking about and what they need information about.

You help them and write a quality article on that topic in your blog as well, this will bring double traffic to your blog.


Forums or Website


o. Unique & Trending Topics

The simple answer to how to increase organic traffic in a new blog is that if you want to bring a lot of organic traffic to your blog, then write a blog post on a unique and trending topic.

By writing on unique and trending topics, you not only get Blog Traffic but also if you have not yet got the approval of Google Adsense, then you will get that too in one go.


Unique & Trending Topics


p. Analyze Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool from Google from where you register your blog and website and submit your blog’s sitemap.

From here you get information about how the organic performance of your blog is going and by analyzing the preformation record of your blog, you can find out which post is ranking with which keywords, so that you can pay more attention to those posts. You can increase their ranking by giving updates.

And also you will get some such keywords from which you can make your place in Google SERP by updating the post or by writing the post.


Analyze Google Search Console


q. Google News

Google News is such a way that if you have registered your blog, then understand that your blog will start getting unlimited traffic.

If you have the approval of Google News, then your posts in Google News will go to the public, you have to write your post User Friendly or make its title very attractive so that more and more people click on your blog post and read it.


Google News


This was for the How to Grow Your Blog Audience?.





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