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How to Create Slideshows?

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In this article, we will discuss How to Create Slideshows?.


  1. How to Create Slideshows?  

There are 3 different ways that you can utilize to create slideshows are as follows:

a. Google Photos

Step 1: In the navigation on the left, Choose Albums to visit your albums on the right side. Or, open the Albums section to see the albums within it.

Step 2: Select an album to make the slideshow.

Step 3: Choose the Three dots on the top right for More choices and pick Slideshow.

Step 5: When you complete, choose the Exit icon on the bottom left, to the right of the arrows.


Google Photos






b. Microsoft Powerpoint

Here is the way to create a presentation for Microsoft PowerPoint are as follows:

a. Launch PowerPoint.

b. In the left pane, Choose New.

c. Choose an option:

i. To make a presentation from scratch, Choose Blank Presentation.

ii. To employ a crafted design, Choose one of the templates.

iii. To visit tips for employing PowerPoint, choose Take a Tour, and then choose Create.

d. In the thumbnails on the left pane, choose the slide you wish your new slide to follow.

e. In the Home tab, in the Slides section, choose New Slide.

f. In the Slides section, choose Layout, and then choose the layout you like from the menu.

g. Keep the cursor in a text box, and then write something on it.

h. Choose the text, and then choose one or more choices from the Font section of the Home tab, such as Font, Increase Font Size, Decrease Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.

i. To make bulleted or numbered lists, choose the text, and then choose Bullets or Numbering.

j. Visit the Insert tab.

k. To provide a picture:

l. In the Images section, select Pictures.

m. In the Insert Picture From the menu, choose the source you like.

n. Browse for the picture you like, choose it, and then choose Insert.

o. To add illustrations:

p. In the Illustrations section, choose ShapesIcons3D ModelsSmartArt, or Chart.

q. In the dialog box that opens when you click one of the illustration types, choose the item you like and follow the prompts to insert it.


How to Create Slideshows?
How to Create Slideshows


c. Canva

To create an awesome slideshow on Canva, you need to follow these steps as follows:

a. Visit the website of Canva and Signup.

b. After login on the home pages of Canva, move to the search bar and type “Slideshows.”

c. You’ll then be shifted to the “Slideshow Videos” template page.

d. Once you’re on the editor page, start customizing the slideshow template to your planned theme.

e. If you like to modify the crop position of the images, double-click on one of them and drag them sideways.

f. After editing the photos, it’s time to add other design elements to your slideshow.

g. After adding design elements, you can start editing the text written on the slideshow template.

h. Now, if you like to further want to get a fun element to your slideshow, Keep animations.

i. Put music to your slideshow. To do so, move to the left side panel and Touch “Audio.”

j. If you’re okay with how your slideshow peeks, oversee its preview by clicking the “Play” button in the menu bar.

k. Now, after viewing the slideshow’s preview and you want to edit the timing of each slide, click “Close” to go back to the editor page.

l. Then, move back to preview to regard the slideshow again. If all is okay then Download your Slideshow.


How to Create Slideshows?


This was for the How to Create Slideshows?.





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