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How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Article

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In this article, we will discuss How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Article.

Keyword Research may be defined as is a method with the assist of which we can discover the most searched term (Keyword) on the search engine. So that we can carry more traffic and a high rank in Search Engine by providing Popular Search Terms to our Article.

Keyword Research is a very important part to rank any post at the top of Google and do SEO. In Keyword Search, you should find keywords well by giving time.





  1.  How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Article?  

If you are blogging in Hindi then you may have some problems because there are not many SEO tools available on the market. Now you will see how to find keywords in 2023.

First, search for the topic related to your content in Google. For example, if your niche (category) is related to Earning and you want to understand how to write a blog, then type “how to write a blog” in the Google search bar and enter.

If you observe the video or image first, or second place, then it is a good thing for you because the competition of such Keywords is very less. Due to this the opportunity of your blog/website to be ranked in the Top 10.

Scroll down and at the base, you will have a list of related searches available which will be related to your main keywords.

By employing all these as Sub-Heading or Helping words in your post, complete your post and complete the User Intent (What do the visitors like to understand?). With this, you can carry maximum organic traffic by ranking at the top of Google.

By typing a keyword in Google, press “Space Bar” on a Laptop or Android device. Now Google will recommend keywords as you observe below, you must employ these keywords in your article. Many people are looking at these keywords, so Google is recommending them. Therefore, contain the recommended Keyword in your article.


How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Article?





  2. What are the Best SEO Tools That Help us Rank?  

The best SEO tool that helps to rank and Choose the Right Keywords for Your Article is as follows:


1. Ahref

a. Foremost search on Google by writing Ahrefs.

b. After that click on Free Keyword Generator.

c. Now write keywords like – Best Online Earning Ticks

d. After that select a country like Australia or the United States (the country you like to Rank for).

e. Lastly, click on Find Keywords and do Keyword Research for Free.

f. In the list, watch keywords with their KD (keyword difficulty) and volume.

g. You should make posts on those with low KD (keyword difficulty) which are green.




2. Google Keyword Planner

The online Free Keyword Research Tool is Google Adwords: Google Keyword Planner

With this, you will be able to know about Related Keywords, Monthly Searches, and Competition. Along with this, you will also be able to see the CPC range.

But note, with this you will be able to watch the volume in CPC and approx but it does not help much in SEO work.


Google Keyword Planner


3. Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool

If you are a noob blogger, then Ubersuggest can be the best free keyword research for you as it provides you the keywords along with the CPC and keyword difficulty.

Ubersuggest offers you keyword ideas from Google’s search recommendations. It provides you with search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, paid keyword difficulty, backlinks for each keyword, and numerous free features.

This can be the best tool for you among the free keyword research tools available in the market.

Just provide any keyword by writing in the search box and you will observe numerous Keyword Suggestions associated with it. Which you can employ in your article as a heading.

For the first time, you will have the report of the search volume of that keyword and how much it is trending in 2-3 searches.

But after this, you will need to purchase this, tool. You can only research the keyword by doing keyword research for free.


Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool


4. Wordstream Keyword Tool

Wordtream Free Keyword Tool is an excellent Keyword Research Tool. With this, you can effortlessly do absolutely free Keyword Searches. With this you can 30 Keyword Searches for free, and after that, you will have to purchase it. If you wish, you can do unlimited keyword research by buying it.


Wordstream Keyword Tool


5. Google Trends

The next free tool in the list of keyword research tools is Google Trends. Through this, you can understand which topic is currently trending the most on the Internet.

You can filter those keywords according to your need. You can write articles on Trending keywords, which can grow the chances of your blog getting ranked.






  3. How Should a New Blogger Do Keyword Research?  

Some things must be kept in mind while doing keyword research for new bloggers (beginners):

a. Select the Long tail keyword.

b. Target monthly search volume less than 200.

c. Competition difficulty should be less than 20.

d. Work on the new Fresh word (keyword).

e.  Understand the search intent of Users.


How Should a New Blogger Do Keyword Research?


i. What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keyword is of 3-4 words.

If we discuss the volume of a word, then it is of 3-4 words. Through Long Tail Keywords, you can discover the search intent of users.

Employing this, you can raise your search ranking and organic traffic. Because its monthly search volume is forever less than Short Tail Keywords and competition is also low. That’s why they rank fastly.



ii. What is Short Tail Keywords?

This is just a keyword or word. Short Tail Keywords are also called Head Keywords.

Example: How to earn money.


Long Tail Keyword

Example: How to earn money online from Blogging.

If you want to rank on the top page of Google, then choose only those keywords which have less competition. If the competition is less then you will easily rank in a good position.

There are many such short-term keywords on which the competition is very less or not equal. That’s why keep these things in mind while doing Keyword Research.


Best Paid Keyword Research Tools are as follows:

a. Ahrefs

b. SEMrush

c. UberSuggest

d. Moz Pro

e. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

f. Mangools KWFinder

g. Majestic

h. Searchmetrics

i. cognitiveSEO





  4. What are the Advantages of Keyword Research?  

The advantages of Keyword Research are as follows:

a. It is essential to carry traffic to the blog/website and to have a good rank in the search engine.

b. Assist in growing the ranking and traffic of your blog/website.

c. Keyword research allowed your blog to gain popularity fastly.

d. This lets you understand the competition and search volume of the keyword.

e. If you write articles by executing keyword research, then you can connect with target visitors.

f. If your posts rank in the search engine, then your domain authority and the number of Backlinks on your site will also raises.

g. Keyword research permits you to do competitive analysis and research in a better way.


Advantages of Keyword Research



This was for the How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Article.





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