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Advantages and Disadvantages of blog

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Blogging may be defined as the process of making blog posts/articles and posting them on a website.

The website can be possessed by an individual or a company, and the published content can be articles, photos, or other digital media. Blogging usually concerns sharing long-form articles on a typical topic.





  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Blog  

The advantages and disadvantages of the blog are listed below:




a. Become your own boss

Different from any other job, if you are blogging, you don’t require to work from 9-5. You can perform at any time of the day and work with your comfort.

You are your boss. You are unrestricted to do anything.

You can schedule your work and efficiently perform on it.

No limitations at all.


Become your own boss


2. More Energy

Recall the days when you come from your office, and you like to write an article for your blog. But, you can’t.

Because you don’t hold any energy left. Your boss has lost all your energy in office work. So you choose to sleep rather of working enthusiastically.

Performing as a blogger will increase your energy, and you will be able to work more creatively and freely.


More Energy


3. Better work output

There is no one to provide you orders. You can do your work freely and as you like.

You can effortlessly concentrate on your work and write at any time of the day.

You can do your work in an organized way. Everything evolves so simply, either you are comfortable with your work or blaming your work.


Better work output


4. Easily Find Users

If you are supplying works such as blog designing, blog consultancy, or any other services through your blog, then you can be functional all the time for your users.

You can give more and more time to your users, and you have more time for discovering new users.

No time limit. No frustrations.


Easily Find Users


5. More money to Earn (Secure Your Future)

All the facts mentioned overhead guide to an increment in blog revenue. You can effortlessly reach your salary. If you are fortunate, you can earn more and more work. You can make two or three times more than that of a job salary.


More money to Earn








1. You Feel Lonely

This is a common issue, among bloggers who work from their homes.

As social interaction is actually less for bloggers who work from home, the loneliness somewhat offers up.

They want their earlier coworkers. They actually want to meet those people who make issues during work. It is a painful truth of blogging.

You have to perform alone until you struggle hard and find a new possibility to expand your work so that you can employ someone. Sometimes this guides to significant frustration.

Therefore, if you are scheduling blogging, you should prepare your week or month in a way, which provides you sufficient social interaction.

Ensure you keep a proper proportion between social and internet life. Speaking to friends on Facebook or IM is not believed socializing. You should go out and meet friends and be a part of the family.

Honestly, I find it difficult to do it at times as I like to get everything done online contains paying bills. However, if you manage a good balance between social and professional life, you can always move ahead to the next level.


You Feel Lonely


Here are a few ideas to help you prepare better for this disadvantage of blogging:

a. Work from a co-working space.

b. Join Toastmasters.

c. Meet another blogger, or entrepreneur in time.

d. Start an interview series (Podcast or Video).


2. Economy Condition

As a blogger understand bloggers who struggle with their full-time blogging. They love blogging but they don’t own a settled source of income. Some choose freelance writing jobs for earning money and few prefer to rely on their parents to satisfy their demand for money.


Economy Condition


3. No work while you are ill

Every human gets ill but for bloggers, it’s a hard time. This is a challenging period for those bloggers who perform independently. They don’t get a period to edit their blog and it ultimately outcome in loss of blog income and traffic. There is no suitable answer to this issue.

You can either ask your friends to edit your blog/articles or you can lease a virtual assistant for you in your bad time.


No work while you are ill


4. Discipline

Blogging needs discipline and patience. Most bloggers don’t have a plan while moving from the day job to full-time blogging.

Sometimes they perform during the day and sometimes during the night. This violates the discipline which a blogger should maintain while performing online. The reason behind this is freedom and plenty of time in life to appreciate every moment of this opportunity.




5. Attitude and Learning

Blogging is all about gathering knowledge. You need to answer people’s queries and for that reading should be a part of the day-to-day tasks.

You need to have some basic skills like SEO, good writing, and soft skills to become an expert blogger.



Attitude and Learning



This was for the Advantages and Disadvantages of blogs.





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