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How to Write Guest Posts? : Everything You Need To Know About Guest Posting

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In this article, we will discuss How to Write Guest Posts?

Guest post may be defined as a post written by somebody and published on someone else’s blog/website. It helps small bloggers to have a quality backlink and to increase traffic to their websites.

You can provide a backlink on the Guest post that will direct traffic to your blog/website. Guest post blogging is essential because it assists you to make good relationships with others in your industry, revealing your brand/company to new users/customers, moving referral traffic to your website, showing yourself as a thought leader, and creating potentially SEO-boosting backlinks to your blog.





  1. What is Guest Post?  

Understand in very simple words, a Guest post Post is a blog post, in which a blogger prepares a post and gets it published in another blogger’s High Authority blog.

In the Guest post posting, the blogger’s name is also mentioned, as the URL of the website in the article.

Guest post is very useful for improving Referral Traffic on Blog, bringing High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks, creating good relations with other bloggers, popularizing the blog, etc.





  2. How to do a Guest Post?  

Whenever you consider Guest post posting on a website, then for that you need to take into consideration of few necessary things, which are mentioned below:

a. Publish a Guest post on a suitable blog of your Niche.

b. Forever publish a Guest post on a blog having good Domain Authority.

c. The Spam Score of the blog on which you are publishing a Guest post must be very low.

d.  Publish a Guest post on a blog with the right traffic.

e. Examine the Guest post posting blog appropriately, such as backlink, domain authority, page authority, etc before publishing a Guest post.

f. Add the link of your article within the first or second paragraph, because the higher the link is in the article, the higher its importance.

g. Improve the authority of your blog a little more, because very rare blogs admit Guest post posts from blogs with less authority.


How to do a Guest Post?





How To Write Guest Posts?



  3. How To Write Guest Posts?  

Hope you got an idea for guest posting. Let’s talk more about How to Write Guest Posts? so that they can be more beneficial to your blog. Here are a few points that need to remember while preparing a Guest Post which is mentioned below:


a. Guest Post Language

Always publish a Guest post on a website in the same language in which you compose articles. Like you write articles in English or any other language on your blog, then post Guest posts on English or any other language blog only.

If you have English or any other articles in your blog and your contact for Guest post posting on the English blog, then there is a 99 percent chance that your Guest post will not be accepted. That’s why it is very important to take care of the language in the Guest post.


Guest Post Language


b. Guest Post Word Count

It is also important to take care of the words in the Guest post because when you contact a Guest post from a blog, they give you a Criteria of Minimum Word Count. By the way, I have noticed in most of the High Authority blogs that they do not receive Guest post articles with less than 1200 or 1500 words.

So always attempt to compose a long Guest post for the High Authority Blog, which is 1500 to 2000 words.


Guest Post Word Count


c. Write on a Unique Topic

It is an important factor to be considered in How to Write Guest Posts? query. If you write a Guest post on a topic about which there is not much information available on the internet, then the chances of your Guest post getting published soon increase. Because most, bloggers are in the exploration of such subjects.

To discover a special subject, you must do content research in a satisfactory way. You can employ mediums like Google Question Hub and Quora to discover special topics.


Write on a Unique Topic


d. Do Keyword Research

When you discover an unusual subject for the Guest post, then the following action is to do keyword research, through which you can discover how many people are exploring the internet about the subject you have chosen. How much difficulty is there with keywords? And together you add all the keywords identical to that subject in the article.


Do Keyword Research



e. Write a Unique Article

No blogger will publish a copy-pasted article as a Guest post, so forever compose a unique article in a Guest post it shouldn’t be AI-generated or plagiarized content. Do not employ any sort of copy content in Guest posts.


Write a Unique Article


f. Write a High-Quality Article

Write a High-Quality Article. High Quality signifies a full article in which the customer receives exclusive information about the subject you have composed about. Articles with half-incomplete details are not taken in Guest posts.


Write a High-Quality Article


g. Write SEO Friendly Article (SEO Friendly Article)

Write an SEO-friendly article, that is, do On-Page SEO of the article well. Because without On-Page SEO, it is nearly unthinkable to have an article ranked on Google’s first page.


Write SEO Friendly Article


h. Use Images and Video

Employ images and videos if required in the post. This increases User Engagement, and there are chances of your Guest post getting published quickly. Wherever is needed in the article, you can also give screenshots. You must continuously employ Copyright Free Image only.


Use Images and Video


i. Follow Google’s Guidelines (Follow Google Guideline)

Always compose the most significant article following Google’s guidelines and policy. Because no blogger will accept such a Guest post that does not obey Google’s Guidelines and policy.


Follow Google's Guidelines
How to Write Guest Posts




  4. Advantages of Guest Posting  

A blogger gets many benefits from Guest post posting, some of which we have told you about the main benefits below.

a. Get a High-Quality Do-follow backlink.

b. The authority of your blog increases in the sight of Google.

c. Referral Traffic increases on your blog.

d. The popularity of your blog increases on the Internet, and people start knowing about your blog.

e. You make good relations with other bloggers.





  5. How to Find a Guest Post Site?  

It is very easy to find Guest post sites on the internet. You can request a Guest post from the best authority blog of your Niche. To ask for guest posts, you discover their Contact Us page and then reach them. Most authority blogs do not provide the facility of free Guest post posts, for this, you may have to pay something.

If you do blogging in English or any other language, then read the article on Best English or any other Blog of our blog, in this article, we have told you about English or any other blogs of more than 45 different categories. You can post Guest posts on the blog according to your category.


This was for the How to Write Guest Posts?





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