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How to Monetize Your Blog? Free Method 2023 [Updated]

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In this article, we will discuss How to monetize your blog.

How to monetize the blog in the mind of every new blogger? This question must have come because when traffic starts coming on the blog then everyone wants to make money from their blog and everyone wants to earn lakhs of rupees from their blog.

These days, the way the number of YouTubers is increasing, and the number of new bloggers is also increasing quickly, but most of the bloggers do not last long, rather quit blogging within a few days or months.

The main cause for this is not making money from the blog because most of the new bloggers come to make money from the blog and when there is no earning from the blog then they quit blogging and start doing another profession.

Many bloggers are unable to monetize their blogs, due to which they quit blogging. Let me tell you that through the information given in this article, anyone can easily monetize their new blog for free.




  A. How to Monetize Your Blog?  

In today’s time, we have many ways to monetize the blog, by which we can earn money easily by monetizing our new blog. But before that let us tell you that until traffic comes to your blog, you will not be able to earn money by monetizing your blog in any way.

That is why in the initial time, try to bring at least 100 page views daily on your blog. Only after that, you will monetize the blog from the methods mentioned below.


1. Monetize the Blog with Google AdSense

If you want to earn a lot of money with fewer page views, then for this Google AdSense is considered to be the best Ad network, with the help of this, we can monetize our blog or website.

When we monetize our website with the help of Google AdSense, then Google AdSense ads are shown in our blog and when any user clicks on those ads then we make money from it.

Google AdSense is considered to be the highest-paying and most trusted Ad network available in the market. But to monetize your website with Google AdSense, Google AdSense approval has to be taken by following the terms and conditions of Google AdSense.

Then we can monetize our website with the help of Google AdSense.

When you get the approval of Google AdSense, then you can monetize your website or blog by following the steps given below.

1. First login to your Google AdSense account. After that, you will get a three-line symbol in your Google AdSense, click on it.

2. After that some options will appear in front of you, out of which an option named Ads will be found, click on it.

3. Now the name of your blog will appear in front of you. Where the name of your blog will be written, you will find the pencil icon at the end of the right side, click on it.

4. After doing this, a preview of how Google Adsense ads will be shown in your blog will appear and you will get the option of Auto ads on the side, turn it on and then click on Apply on site.

After doing all this, your blog will be successfully monetized with Google AdSense and within no time Google AdSense ads will start appearing on your blog.


Monetize the Blog with Google AdSense


2. Monetize the Blog through Affiliate Marketing

These days affiliate marketing is growing very fast, if you are thinking of monetizing your blog, then you can monetize the blog through Affiliate.

Increasingly famous bloggers monetize their blogs through Affiliate only because if you have specific visitors on your blog then you can earn lakhs of rupees from Affiliate in very few views.

When we sell the product of a company, then that company provides us some percentage commission to the product seller from the price of the product.

This is called affiliate, in today’s time such companies have also come into the market which gives 200 percent commission on every product sold.

This means if we sell a product through our affiliate link, then if the price of the product is $200, we will get $400 as a commission. From this, you can get an idea that how much money we can earn from Affiliate.

If you want to monetize the blog with an affiliate, then for this you can monetize the blog by joining the Affiliate Program of Hostinger, Amazon, Shopify, etc.


Monetize the Blog through Affiliate


3. Monetize the Blog with

Just as Google AdSense is an Ad network, similarly is also another Ad network. In this also, there is a lot of earning in fewer page views, but is slightly less Earning than Google AdSense, but in today’s time, is also considered one of the better Ad networks that you can use.

If you are having trouble getting Google AdSense approval and want to monetize the blog, then you can monetize your blog using

When you monetize your blog with, then advertisements are shown in your blog and when users click on advertisements through your blog, they will earn from your blog.


Monetize the Blog with



4. Monetize the Blog by Selling Backlink or Guest Posting

If you want to earn instant money by monetizing your blog, then you can sell the backlink of your blog and earn money. Many such websites require backlinks to increase the ranking of their website.

In such a situation, you can contact the owner of those websites or blogs and by giving backlinks to their website or blog in any post from your blog, you can charge a lot of money for backlinks from them.

In this way, you can monetize the blog by selling backlinks through your blog. Let me tell you that if the ranking of your blog is good and the DA and PA of your blog are very good, then those who need backlinks will contact you themselves and demand backlinks from your blog, and in return, you will give them your blog. Can charge money according to DA and PA.


Monetize the Blog by Selling Backlink or Guest Posting


5. Monetize the Blog with Sponsorship and Brand Deals

This is such a way that you can earn a lot of money, for this you do not even need to take any approval.

Sponsorship and Brand deals are available to us on our blog when our blog gets good organic traffic every month and when our blog is ranking in the first position in a specific keyword. Then we especially get Sponsorship and Brand deals.

If our blog is a quality blog in the eyes of Brands, then instead of Brands Sponsorship, we are also ready to pay a lot of money and in exchange for this money, we have to advertise the product or service of Brands on our blog in the footer of our blog.

Or the header has to be used as a banner ad and many times Brands get sponsored posts done on our blog for which Brands pay us money.

In this way, you can also monetize your blog with the help of Sponsorship and Brand deals.


Monetize the Blog with Sponsorship and Brand Deals


6. By Selling Courses

You can make your online courses that can be related to anything that will help your audience to be educated.

For example: Selling online Blogging Courses & SEO Courses.

By giving your hard work and your soul into these courses, you can simply permit them to sell on autopilot for you, another significant way for passive income.

Courses work significantly when related to technical skills like web development, digital marketing, graphic design, and so on. But they also operate in formats like finances, stocks, currency investing, and accounting.

Discover what you’re actually outstanding at and do the expected diligence before making your course. Then create something far more suitable than the other courses out there in the market.


By Selling Courses


This was for the How to Monetize Your Blog.




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