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How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog?

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In this article, we will discuss How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog?

We create a blog and write posts on it, but even if our post is in Google, it is far behind and we have to bring it up through High-quality Backlinks.

Although there are many factors to rank our pages at the top in Google, the role of Backlinks is important in them, so it is very important for us to make a high-quality Backlink from a high authority site.





  1. What is Backlink?  

Before making Backlink Kaise Banaye, we know what is Backlink, we understand it in very simple language, for example, if you put a link to another website in your article, then it became a Do Follow Backlink for that website.

On the other hand, if another website put a link to your home page or any article in its article, then you got a Do Follow Backlink from that website.


What is Backlink?  





  2. What is a No Follow Backlink?  

In this post on How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog, we will learn about all types of links, when we give a Backlink to another site on our site, then that link is Do Follow by default, now in that link makes it No Follow Have to put the tag of No Follow.

To give a No Follow tag to any link on Blogger or WordPress, after selecting the link, tick mark the No Follow tag and make it OK, then that link will convert into a No Follow.


What is a No Follow Backlink?





  3. What is the Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow?  

Follow Backlink is about to pass a link juice, it increases the ranking and authority of your site and it is crawled by Google’s crawler, while No Follow Backlink is not crawled.

When we convert a link to No Follow, we give this message to Google that you should not crawl it, if we give an affiliate link in our post, then we tag it as No Follow.

Do Follow Backlink increases the authority and ranking of our site rapidly because the site which gives us do follow Backlinks tells Google that the front website also has good content and in a way it supports us.

The no-follow Backlink does not pass any link juice, it does not make any sense to Google, but then we should create a No Follow Backlink along with Do Follow.

Because No-follow Backlink makes our site genuine and the importance of our site remains good even in the eyes of Google. If you are making 70% Do-Follow Backlinks, then you must also make at least 30% No Follow Backlinks.


Do Follow and No Follow





  4. What is High-Quality Backlink?  

While taking Backlinks from any site, check the DA (domain authority), PA (page authority) spam score, and traffic of that site.

The website whose DA, PA, and traffic is maximum, we call it a high authority site and where does the bank link taken from such a site go as High Quality Backlink.

Low-quality Backlinks can be harmful to your site, so check all the details of any site from which you take Backlinks.

You create a No Follow Backlink or do follow, take a Backlink from a high authority site only and take a Backlink from your lowly related site only.

For example, if your site is related to digital marketing, then you try to take Backlinks from other high authority sites related to this low, it is more beneficial.


High-Quality Backlink





  5. What are the Advantages of High-Quality Backlinks?  

If you want to get successful in blogging, want to earn a lot of money by blogging, or want to rank your pages at the top in the search engines, then for this, you have to create High-Quality Backlink from High Authority Site.

When you take a Backlink from a site whose spam score is negligible and DA, PA, and traffic are high, then that Backlink proves to be a boon for your site.

Because this message goes to Google that such a big website has supported you and given you a Do Follow Backlink, then the authority of your site increases in the eyes of Google, and with this, your pages start ranking in the search engine.


Advantages of High-Quality Backlinks


There are many other benefits of Backlinks which are mentioned below and we should always keep these things in mind are as follows:


1. Backlink leads to Fast Index and Better Crawl

If your site has got a high-quality Backlink from a high authority site, then your pages are indexed fast and Google’s crawler crawls your pages as quickly as possible.

When you put a post on your site, it gets indexed within a few minutes or a few hours, while it takes a few days to get indexed without Backlinks.


Backlink leads to Fast Index and Better Crawl


2. Improves Backlink Search Ranking

When you create a Backlink for the home page of your site, it increases the authority of your domain; if you create a Backlink for a page, then the authority of that page increases.

And when someone searches the keyword of the post written by you, then only with the help of that bank link, your page appears at the top.


Improves Backlink Search Ranking


3. Boosts Backlink Referral Traffic

High-quality Backlinks taken from high-authority sites not only boost authority, but referral traffic also comes to your site from there.

There is traffic in million or billion on high authority sites and by clicking on the link given by you, a lot of traffic also comes to your site, and in this case, the bounce rate of your site is also maintained.


Boosts Backlink Referral Traffic


4. Through Backlink, Good Relation Between 2 Sites

When you give a Backlink to a site, it may also give you a Backlink in return, and in this case, visitors of another site also recognize your site.


Through Backlink, Good Relation Between 2 Sites





  6. How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog?  

The simple and easy way to build backlinks to your blog is as follows:

1. Ask Guest Blog

2. Ask Your Partners/Distributors/Suppliers to Link Your Site

3. Ask For Credit Where Credit Is Due

4. Leverage Brands And Influencers To Share Your Products Or Services

5. Create Engaging Visual Content

6. Publish Original Research

7. Build A Useful Free Tool

8. Publish Ultimate And Step By Step Guides

9. Use Citations

10. Leverage Public Relations

11. Create A Roundup Or “Ask the Experts” Blog Post

12. Mine For Broken Links

We should also know the right way to create Backlinks, if we create Backlinks in the wrong way, then even Backlinks taken from high authority sites sometimes become harmful.

If you create a Profile Backlink on a site, then you should give as much information as possible while creating a profile there so that your profile does not look like spam, but looks like an original profile so that your Backlink can last for as long as possible.

Also put a link to your other social media account in your profile because when you create a profile there, the moderator of that site will check your profile and if it finds your profile fake, then it will remove it.

And in this case that Backlink of yours will be removed. If you are making a Backlink through a comment somewhere, then in whatever article you are commenting on, write only things related to that article so that the moderator of that site will feel that you have commented after reading their post.


How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog?


If you write anything in the comment, then the person in front will feel that you went to their site only for a Backlink and your comment will not be approved.

If you are going to guest post somewhere, then put only one Do Follow Backlink in whatever article you are submitting there, if you put more then your article will be rejected.

The article given for guest posts should not be copy pasted, it should be written by you and the way you put the post on your site by making it SEO-friendly, you have to submit it on the front site as well.

This was for the How to Build Backlinks to Your Blog?.





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